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Single payment is a payment for 1 landing on LKPO (related to concrete and grass-strip). Payments are divided by type and weight of aircraft. Payment in cash is only possible in CZK

Type of aircraft according to weight Landing charges
ULL – ultralight aircraft 2 EUR or 50 CZK
Aircraft up to 1 ton MTOW 3 EUR or 70 CZK
Aircraft up to 2 tons MTOW 6 EUR or 150 CZK
Aircraft over 2 tons MTOW 4 EUR or 100 CZK for every initiated ton


A parking fee calculated on the maximum take-off weight (MTOW) is levied for aircraft parking.

APRON parking – MTOW up to 2t 2 hours free
0,4 EUR or 8 CZK/hour
APRON parking – MTOW over 2t 2 hours free
0,5 EUR or 12 CZK/hour
HANGAR parking - do MTOW 2t 10 EUR or 250 CZK per day
HANGAR parking - MTOW over 2t 16 EUR or 400 CZK per day

Prices for parking areas mentioned above are valid only for parking three days maximum. Price for long-term parking will be set based on a contract deal.


Domestic flights in commercial traffic (per passenger) 3 EUR or 80 CZK
International flight - customs and passport clearance
(per passenger)
4 EUR or 100 CZK
International flight – security clearance (per passenger) 8 EUR or 200 CZK


Take-off or landing outside the aerodrome regular operational hours 20 EUR or 496 CZK/hour
higher fire category (3 and 4) 20 EUR or 496 CZK/hour
Handling - hauling, marshal, FOLLOW ME 20 EUR or 496 CZK/hour
Clearing snow 160 EUR or 4000 CZK/hour


Flights of the following aircraft are not subject to charges:
  • Flights of aircraft registered in a Military aircraft register operated by Armed Forces of the Czech Republic.
  • Flights performed exclusively for the transport, on official mission, Heads of State, Heads of Government, and Government Ministers;
  • Search and rescue flights authorised by a relevant RCC body;
  • Civil Aviation Authority flights;
  • Flights performed exclusively for the purpose of checking or testing equipment used or intended to be used as ground aids to air navigation, excluding positioning flights by the aircraft concerned;
  • Aircraft carrying out flights of air rescue services inclusive of secondary and repatriation flights and flights directly connected with human life rescue;