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Aerodrome Přerov

Welcome to the public domestic and private international aerodrome transformed on 1.10.2013 from original military aerodrome Přerov-Bochoř.

The aerodrome Přerov is located 4 km southwest of the Přerov town and follows on combined transport terminals and public logistic center in Přerov. It is essential importance in terms of transport accessibility and increase the competitiveness of the whole of the Central Moravia, including connections to strategic industrial zone in Zlín region named Holešov.

Prerov, CZE
N49° 25.6‘ E17°24.3‘ Mag Var 3° 21E 2008 (+5min.)
Elevation 676 ft, 206 m
Time zone: GMT + 1

Information about RWY

RWY 06/24 2500 x 60 m concrete
RWY 05/23 840 x 30 m grass